Why Woodland?

Woodland is The Food Front, a town at the crossroads of California’s food & ag industry that celebrates the sustainable, local, and innovative actions of its 190+ food and ag businesses. What’s more, Woodland is a hub for the pollination industry, innovation, and collaboration. From food processors to growers and researchers, much of Woodland’s ag industry depends on the honey bee and other pollinators!


Local businesses create a unique ecosystem of suppliers, pollination professionals, ranchers and growers, honey producers, and vendors. Chances are the farm to fork meal you eat in Downtown Woodland, Sacramento, the Bay Area, or even Northern Nevada features honey from a Yolo County producer and locally-grown plants pollinated by bees from a Woodland business. Want to learn more?

Crops and Climate

Lots of people know about Woodland’s famous sunflowers – but did you know that they rely on the excellent pollination infrastructure here to thrive? The region’s fertile soil and Mediterranean climate support over 300 different crops in Yolo County alone. Many of these crops require insect pollination, including buckwheat, peaches, and almonds. Almond trees – the top crop in Yolo County – rely almost entirely on bees for pollination, and they return the favor – almond pollen is especially healthy for bees. Many other crops require efficient cross-pollination carried out by experienced local pollination services that have been supporting our region for generations. Our fertile soil and varied landscape are perfect for growers and ranchers but also for raising healthy, thriving bees – a balance that’s tough to find. Did you know that Almond Lane, one of the family owned and women-run ag businesses in Woodland, is the first almond producer in the world to achieve the “Sustainably Grown by SCS Global Services” certification? This voluntary certification validates their environmentally and socially responsible practices that they implement on their farm, which also greatly benefit the honey bee!

Bee City USA

Since January 2019, Woodland has been a “Bee City USA,” an initiative of the Xerces Society that honors cities committed to creating sustainable habitats for pollinators and educational opportunities for its community. Woodland is dedicated to enhancing awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinators through projects like pollinator-friendly landscaping on Main Street in Historic Downtown Woodland, public art projects, and a City Hall entryway renovation to create a “water-wise” landscape complete with pollinator-friendly plants and educational materials.

University of California

UC Davis, the top veterinary and agriculture university in the country, home to the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources division, and a Bee Campus USA, is just minutes away from Woodland. This helps make Woodland the perfect place for the remarkable people, products, and research from UC Davis to grow and thrive.