Taste, Experience, Learn

The Honey Lab is located at the UC Davis booth and hosted by the Robert Mondavi Institute’s Honey & Pollination Center.

Taste honeys from around the country and learn how honey gets its flavor on our giant flavor and aroma wheelLearn from the UC Davis Department of Entomology, the Bohart Museum, the Arboretum and Public Garden, and the California Master Beekeeping ProgramFrom bee to flower to jar: learn how honey is madeFind out about the life cycle of a bee, from a small egg to an adult bee in a only a few weeksDiscover which viruses, bugs, and human actions are threatening beesLearn about different kinds of bee hives and how they workPurchase honey and honey-themed items from the UC Davis Bookstore

In addition, the Honey Festival Main Stage offers educational presentations, lectures, and demonstrations about bees, plants and honey throughout the day