Nugget Market’s Cooking Demonstrations


11 a.m.: Golden Nectar Biscuits

If you’re a fan of buttery shortbread, you’ll love these simply delicious thumbprint honey cookies topped with honey “curd” for a sweet and creamy finish.

12 p.m.: Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich

Herbed hot honey, sweet-and-spicy refrigerator pickles and a SugarBee apple slaw bring out the best in a classic crispy chicken sandwich. Learn how to make it at home!

 1 p.m.: Honey & Cheese Pairings

Wondering what to pair with cheeses from all over the world? Local honey, of course! Explore the ins and outs of how to make perfectly balanced pairings like these.

2 p.m.: Honey Buns

Learn how to make the softest, fluffiest yeasted Japanese Hokkaido honey milk bread rolls from scratch using the tangzhong technique and sweet local honey.

3 p.m.: Honey-Stuffed Cheese “Cakes”

Sweet, savory, simple and stunning, these amazing appetizers feature small wheels of cheese filled and layered with honey and accompaniments. Check it out!

4 p.m.: Bee Sting Cake

You’ll be buzzing with this classic Bavarian dessert featuring scratch-baked brioche topped with a honey almond praline and filled with a honey pastry cream.