Pollinator Park & Garden Stage

Ellen Zagory serves as a spokesperson for the UC Davis Arboretum in their education and outreach program promoting more sustainable garden plants and practices.
She has appeared on Hewell Howser’s PBS Road trip, DIY TV and KFBK’s Get Growing with Farmer Fred. She also has written a series for Pacific Horticulture Magazine on the UC Davis Arboretum All Star program, and travels the state lecturing to UCCE master Gardeners and regional garden clubs about beautiful heat-tolerant and low-water-use plants. A resident and gardener in the Central Valley for the past 24 years and a knowledgeable horticulturist, she recently has become more interested in the interactions our gardens have with the fauna of surrounding wild lands, and how our constructed landscapes can help support the biodiversity of native insects and other wildlife

Dr. Christine Casey

As the Program Representative for the Haagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven at the University of California, Davis, Christine manages the operations, outreach and education program of a pollinator eduation and research garden that has 5000 visitors per year. With a PhD in entomology from UC Davis, Christine has a long history of working with gardeners and sharing important information about pollinators such as honey bees.


“Landscape Walking Tour


The City of Woodland is water wise and bee friendly! This year, the Water-Wise Woodland program will be offering a special ‘Festival Walking Tour’ leaving from and returning to the festival multiple times throughout the day. The tour will be announced on the Garden Stage with a check-in booth adjacent to the stage. Walkers will depart and return to the same location.


The walking tour will take approximately 30 minutes and cover a few blocks, featuring the front yards of nearby residents who have great examples of bee-friendly and water-wise gardening. Tours will be guided by a docent and questions answered by experienced and Master Gardeners. “