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Boca Do Rio:

Boca do Rio strengthens its foundation as the Mission’s longest-playing and hardest-hitting Brazilian-American funk band. After a decade performing all original material during the heyday of San Francisco’s live music scene, Boca do Rio has evolved into a multi-layered electro-funk party boat with a sound that is fluid and edgy, adaptable and free. Born of the mixing of waters of Brazil and the San Francisco Bay, Boca do Rio has created musicá organicá – music that developed through the rhythm of living and working between the Americas.

The band started flowing when Kevin Welch and Alex Calatayud formed a musical partnership in the late nineties that would redefine Brazilian music in the Bay Area. The musical collaboration was founded in deep respect for past traditions, steeped in the sambas and choros (Brazilian ragtime of a bygone era) that echoed through the Brazilian favelas, while always evolving forward to create an organic sound that is decidedly modern and funky.



Mike Blanchard:

Mike Blanchard and the Californios play traditional American music for modern times. The Californios play a seamless mix of originals and classic country that features soaring harmonies driven by a wicked rhythm section with the lead guitar of Roger Kunkle soaring over it all.



Hannah Mayree

Hannah Mayree is a Sacramento born multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and composer

Many songs she has written standing on the side of the road with her thumb out or in the forest spending time with plants or learning and sharing with people of all walks of life, often capturing a fleeting moment in time. These songs are about what is inside a person at the deepest level. “You never know what hidden talents and gifts each person has stored inside.”

There are aspects of traditional Appalachian banjo, blues, African rhythms, old english folk music, and Eastern Europe in her first album, “Thoughts of the Night.” From the drop thumb claw hammer banjo strumming pattern and the use of non-standard tunings, to more experimental layers of harmony, Mayree’s music is classic in its roots and propels us into introspection for our future.

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Castro




City of Trees Brass Band

Over the last three years, City of Trees Brass Band has canvased Sacramento and San Francisco in an effort to deliver the spirit of New Orleans to the West Coast. Boasting 1,200 hours of street performance, dozens of educational clinics, and many inspirational assemblies for K-12th graders, The Brass Band takes pride in its contribution to Sacramento culture. In the ultimate test of brass and brawn, the Trees took a two week trip to New Orleans where they discovered their sound not only holds up to the standards of the Crescent City, it belongs there. Get them while you can, because they may be gone soon.





Joe Craven & The Sometimers

featuring Bruce MacMillan and Jonathan Stoyanoff, is a NorCal Free Range Folkasaurus Trio offering a “no genre left behind” policy of music making and re-creating. A 30 year veteran in the biz, Joe comes heavily credentialed (David Grisman, Jerry Garcia + many others) and the 3 of them hold poetic license to operate heavy machinery. Their power tool box contains bass, guitar, Dobro, lap steel, mandolin, octave mandolin, percussion more cowbell and who knows what else. Their highly acclaimed recording, “Blender”, celebrates a new kind of POP music, as in “Pursuit of Possibility” music. Give them a listen and you might find yourself doing a little dance while you’re at it!






The Gold Souls

are an up-and-coming blues/R&B band from Davis, CA. Their sound is both vintage and fresh, with original tunes drawing on modern subject matter and building off of classic blues progressions.

Formed in late 2015 by singer/frontwoman Juniper Waller and guitarist/composer Alex Carlin, The Gold Souls deliver smart, compelling music with sultry vocals and driving guitar solos.





is a trio on the rise! Recognized for unique song writing and powerful live performance, GrooveSession is a true throwback and good old fashioned rock band uniting fans with a funky flare and positive message. Mind, body, and sound, GrooveSession brings a multi-genre blend of rock n’ roll that they call “movin’ groovin’ music.” A renaissance, a rebirth, an encompassed innovative flowering new sound on their quest to end the jammin’ famine. Touring and playing over 1,333 dates while opening for and playing with many of today’s greatest bands and musicians, there is something very special happening when GrooveSession performs. These guys love it all and you never know what you will get, but rest assured it’s going to be dynamic and musical. Tuned to 432Hz, this band is about the Earth’s natural vibration and
healing properties that positive music and intention bring to life!






Jared Johnson is a solo accordionist and singer from Davis, CA. He plays old world music for Europe, modern pop songs, film soundtracks and video game music. Jared likens the accordion to a circus act. When playing fast and complex music it stupefies an audience.

















Austin James Hicks & Ryan Scott Long is a unique duo from San Leandro, CA. Hicks is a “real” songwriting/storyteller, motivated not by current trends but the drive of self exploration through the creative process–a much needed original voice. Long’s drumming ability is laced with qi, dexterity, and solidarity in the pocket. He “comes across as a very intense, musically charged, major drum personality of the future” says Oz Fritz, Grammy Award-Winning Engineer. Together, Austin’s Americana roots melts perfectly with Ryan’s deep Jazz pocket to produce lyrically driven and musically engaging songs. This duo lineup features originals and covers with an eclectic blend of rock, dance-y folk, blues, jazz, and singer-songwriter/Americana music.