Honey Contest

2017 Wildflower Honey Competition

The judges have spoken and chose 5 finalists to move on to Round 2 Live Judging! Festival goers will have the opportunity to taste these five honeys and put in their vote for the very first California Honey Festival Honey Contest winner!

Finalists (in no particular order):
- Jim West
- Nancy Rausch
- Capitol Public Radio
- Jennie White
- True Gold Honey

Congratulations! These are our judges favorites. Find out which honey is the Festival's favorite on Saturday, May 6th!


  • Deadline is March 31st
  • Top 5 honeys will go from round 1 to round 2 live judging

“The Sweetest Contest of the Year”

Showcase your extraordinary wildflower honey!
Some of you may have hives in your backyard and the bees have collected an array of tantalizing nectars from your neighborhood. It tastes a bit minty, you say.
Others have taken their hives into the foothills and are collecting wonderful, floral honey from trees and wildflowers alike.
Another beekeeper may have their hives along the coast – another in the valley.

Wildflowers express the floral variety of California and we at the Honey Festival want to express our gratitude for their blooms!

WHO: Open to beekeepers throughout the state of California or beekeepers who keep hives in California.

WHAT: Wildflower Honey collected within the state of California
Flavor profile must come from any natural wildflower blend. No comb honey this time around.

WHEN: Submissions due by March 31st. Please see application (link below) for details.

Judges will select 5 honeys to go into the finals.
Finalists will be contacted and notified to send additional honey for the vote by festival attendees on May 6th.

Finalists receive medals, with winners receiving cash prizes and additional awards.
Grand Prize winners will be announced on the California Honey Festival main stage at 2:30pm.

Application Here